SKadvisory helps you to navigate the Venture Capital and Private Equity eco-space and to travel successfully on the road of sustainable and responsible growth.

Clarity of vision, a sense of purpose and the choice of the right direction are the necessary ingredients for such journey, regardless of it is in a classical industry, in the Life Science sector or in Social Entrepreneurship.

Supporting you on that path and helping to shape the public policy context around is what SKadvisory aspires to do.

In the Venture/Private Equity eco-space, on selec­ted top­ics, for

- Investors
- Funds
- Com­pan­ies
- Entre­pren­eurs

For start-ups and VC fun­ded com­pan­ies

- Organ­isa­tional Strategy
- Team Devel­op­ment / Coach­ing
- Busi­ness Medi­ation / Con­flict Res­ol­u­tion

For entre­pren­eur­ial Life Sci­ence Com­pan­ies, on

- Fin­an­cing Strategy & Approach

Pub­lic Policy Advice

- Innov­a­tion & Ven­ture Cap­ital
- Impact invest­ing

What I am doing

With my own consulting business – SKadvisory.de – I am working across the entire eco-space of Venture Capital and Private Equity.

At one end of the spectrum I am advising entrepreneurs and start-ups defining their strategy for the very first financing round, at the other end I am advising institutional investors on decisions about which Private Equity and Venture Capital fund they want to work with.  As for the actors in between I am working both with funds and companies that want to invest into growth.

A particular focus of mine is on the Life Science Industry – this is where I have been directly investing as a VC myself, and where I have contributed directly as board member and chairwoman to growth and development of these firms.

Equally I have always been fascinated by the strong effect which the inner state of companies has on their outbound success.  Having the right organizational strategy, team development and mechanisms for conflict resolution in place is not “nice to have”.  Companies need to get that right, otherwise the road forward is unnecessarily bumpy.

Companies are in constant interaction with their environment and affected by the social and economic framework which they are part of. Especially in the field of innovation and venture capital, the right choice of public policies has a significant role in contributing to the success of the innovative sector.

Impact investing means the development and financing of business models that are economically self-sustainable and at the same time contribute to solving societies’ problems. It implies the transfer of an adapted model of venture capital to the social sector.

At FASE I am working as a pro bono advisor helping social start-ups find investors. SKadvisory.de also aims at developing the space around – thus the offering public policy advice.